Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Hello, Everybody" AM Homes #31

"Hello, Everybody"
A.M. Homes
From Electric Literature, Volume 5, #1
Kindle Single
#31 in the 300 short story project

Like the characters in Homes' May We Be Forgiven, the characters in this story are hyper-contemporary. They are late-adolescent and have intellectualized tattoos, body logo branding, acne, and psychotherapy. The girl, Cheryl, has a family that lives in bathing suits, is addicted to plastic surgery, and has a dog named "Rug." The mother had a failed operation to change the color of her eyes. They eat in restaurants with names like Micro-Macro, where they are served "Tiny designer-sized macrobiotic bites." Walter is Cheryl's best friend, a fish out of water who's been away at school for awhile and comes back to visit the family.

It has a surreal George Saunders vibe, parody, satire, a depressing commentary on modern, detached, artificial life.

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